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Registration for Centennial Dinner: Nov 10, Thursday

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Ames local section of American Chemical Society is celebrating one hundred years anniversary of the local section establishment. We have FREE dinner to all the local section members (catering from Olde Main with $30 value)--yes, regardless whether you pay the voluntary section due or not--, especially including retired members, partially thanks to the small grant from ACS Senior Chemist Committee. All you need is to register your spot no later than by Nov 3rd, and show up on time. Senior members can bring their one important partner for FREE. Just make it sure to separately register her/him with your ACS ID. Sorry, no other guests are allowed due to limited seating.


Time: Nov 10th, Thursday, 5:30pm.


Place: Hach Hall North Lobby, Iowa State University


ACS-Council meeting report (Fall 2016)

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ACS-Council meeting report (Fall 2016)

252nd ACS National Meeting

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

August 21-25, 2016


Maria Bohorquez (Drake University) attended the ACS Council meeting on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 representing the ACS Ames local section as Alternate Councilor. Full reports will be posted on the ACS Website as they become available.


The following are some highlights of the meeting:


1. Highlights from Committee Reports & Important information for general distribution


1.1 Tom Holme, Iowa State University is the recipient of the George C. Pimentel Award in Chemical Education, sponsored by Cengage Learning and the ACS Division of Chemical Education. (2017)


1.2 Chemical Safety Committee

• A new report has been published: download it at:

Request printed copy at: [email protected]



1.3 Project SEED Committee

o Maria Bohorquez has been serving as Associate to the Committee on ACS Project SEED since 2015.

o >10,000 students have participated in undergraduate research since 1968.

o 2018-50th anniversary celebration (Maria Bohorquez will serve on the organizing committee for this event). It would be very interesting to expand the number of institutions supporting Project SEED projects in Iowa, number of partners (high schools), and external funding.


2. Highlights from Committee Reports & and Feedback needed from members of the local section


2.1 Nominations and Elections

o The Committee on Nominations and Elections solicits Councilors’ input of qualified individuals for President-Elect and/or Directors for future consideration. Suggestions may be sent to [email protected] N&E has established the Vote 20/20 Task Force, charged with examining all aspects of nominations and elections for ACS national offices, and designing an enhanced process to be in place by the year 2020. Proposals will be presented in the spring meeting in 2017.

Encourage all ACS members to send comments to [email protected] on:

o Aspects of the current ACS National Election process that you like the most.

o One major change that you would like to see about the ACS National Election process.

o What you like about how other organizations elect their leaders.

o What you expect to be different in the National Election process in the future.


2.2 Petitions to Amend the Constitution and Bylaws

New petitions to amend the Constitution or Bylaws must be received by the Executive Director no later than December 14 to be included in the Council agenda for consideration at the spring 2017 meeting in San Francisco. Contact the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws with any questions or requests for information at [email protected]

o Petition for removal of officers and councilors (pages 114-116)-Council will vote in 2017.

o Petition on the rights of affiliates (pages 117-119)-Council will vote in 2017.


3. Potential ideas to pursue by the local section


Committee on Local Section Activities

Check 18th Annual ChemLuminary Awards Celebration.


2016 Outstanding Performance winners:

Erie, Brazospot, Midland (membership), Tampa Bay (partnership development), Kentucky Lake (most innovative new activity or program)


4. Actions of the Council


4.1 Nominations and elections:

♣ By electronic ballot, the Council elected Harmon B. Abrahamson, Lissa A. Dulany, Andrea B. Twiss-Brooks, and Sally B. Peters for a 2017-2019 term, Martin D. Rudd for a 2017-2018 term, and Karl S. Booksh and Ella L. Davis for a one-year term, 2017, on the Council Policy Committee.

♣ By electronic ballot, the Council elected Lisa M. Balbes, Thomas H. Lane, Amber S. Hinkle, Alan M. Ehrlich, and Alan A. Hazari for a 2017-2019 term and Neil D. Jespersen for a one-year term, 2017, on the Committee on Nominations and Elections.

♣ By electronic ballot, the Council elected Wayne E. Jones, Jr., D. Richard Cobb, Stephanie J. Watson, Dee Ann Casteel, and Emilio X. Esposito for three year terms, 2017-2019, on the Committee on Committees.






5. Other Council Actions


5.1 Continuation of Select Committees

♣ On the recommendation of the Committee on Committees, the Council voted to approve the continuation of the Committee on Analytical Reagents, and the Committee on Chemical Abstracts Service, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.


5.2 Change in Local Section Territory

♣ On the recommendation of the Committee on Local Section Activities, the Council approved a petition from the Permian Basin Local Section to annex the Texas counties of Pecos and Brewster, and the petition from the Upper Peninsula Local Section to annex unassigned and adjacent territory, and one Michigan county (Menominee) now currently assigned to the Northwest Wisconsin Local Section.


5.3 Unemployed Members’ Dues Waiver

♣ On the recommendation of the Committee on Membership Affairs, the Council approved a petition to amend the ACS Bylaws to extend the Unemployed Members’ Dues Waiver, which will extend waivers for unemployed members’ dues from the current two years to three years, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.


5.4 Chemical Professional’s Code of Conduct

♣ On the recommendation of the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, the Council approved the Chemical Professional’s Code of Conduct, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.


5.5 Charter Bylaws

♣ On the recommendation of the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws, the Council approved the Bylaws for Divisions in Probationary Status and the Charter Bylaws for New Local Sections.


5.6 International Chemical Sciences Chapters

♣ On the recommendation of the Committee on International Activities, the Council approved the establishment of ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters in Greater Beijing, Southwestern China, and Iraq, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors.


5.7 Resolutions

♣ The Council passed resolutions in memory of deceased Councilors; acknowledging President Donna Nelson’s service as presiding officer of the Council; and in gratitude for the officers and members of the Philadelphia Local Section, the host Section for the 252nd National Meeting, the divisional program chairs and symposium organizers, and ACS staff.


5.8 Special Discussion

The Council conducted a special discussion to gather input on proposed recommendations from the ACS Presidential Task Force on the U.S. Employment of Chemists. The task force has been examining and considering all known influences that can impact employment in the chemical sciences. Councilors were invited to share their thoughts, comments, and suggestions on the proposed suggestions to date, in preparation for the report’s expected release later this year.


6. Reports of officers and events organized for 2017


President-Elect Allison A. Campbell provided some details about the three themes she will focus on during her presidency: Science Advocacy, Science Literacy, and Chemistry as a Global Enterprise.

• Under Science Advocacy she launched a working group that will host an event entitled “Chemistry on the Hill” in 2017.

• Presidential symposia organized for the meetings in San Francisco in 2017 (Spring) include: “Energy for a Low Carbon Future: Grand Challenges for Chemistry” and “Holy Grails in Chemistry”.

• Presidential symposia organized for the meeting in Washington DC in 2017 (Fall) include: ”Building a safety Culture Across the Chemical Enterprise” and “ The Chemistry of Our Planet: Understanding and Mitigating Environmental Impacts”


7. Interesting Events


7.1 Talented 12: This is the second year that Chemical & Engineering News celebrates “The Talented 12”

7.2 Kavli Foundation Lecture Series


Local section councilor report

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Newly elected, three-year councilor Javier Vela from ISU, and alternate councilor Maria Bohorquez from Drake, will regularly attend ACS national meetings to represent the Ames Local section. As per national ACS policies, the local section co-sponsors the councilor's travel to national meetings. Because many of the members do not attend the national meeting, the councilor will share the national ACS news with the local members.


Javier Vela's report from Spring ACS Meeting 2016 in San Diego:

I recently came back from ACS, where I had the chance to attend the At Large Councilor and District meetings. I also participated as an associate (observer) in the International Activities Committee (IAC) meeting. While several items were presented and discussed, there are no major news or changes to report. As part of the Councilor responsibilities, I will seek to enter a new national committee, since my IAC term is up. The call opens up in a few weeks from now, and specific openings will only become known at that time.

Some things that caught my attention:

- The at large meeting had about 500 PhD Chemists in a single room, and it lasted for over 4 h! Members of the audience could approach microphones and ask questions and offer suggestions. Among points that repeated often, people seem genuinely and understandably concerned about the anti-immigrant/anti-visa tone of some recent ACS initiatives and Committee reports, perhaps as an indirect consequence of the sad affairs of national politics. There were also repeated concerns about perceived discrepancies in the yearly jobs report; it appears that the statistics reported count only active ACS members who respond to the surveys, and people feel this greatly skews the jobs data.

- ACS appears to be primarily run by a group of very capable staff who, in many instances, are non-chemistry professionals. They do a fine job, in my view, managing such a large and successful scientific organization. However, actual career chemists, including elected ACS Presidents, have a more limited and primarily ceremonial role in running the society. Just an observation!

- From the International Activities Committee (IAC)3: There will be a new international meeting similar to PacifiChem, oriented toward the nations of the Atlantic. It's unclear if the conference will be called AtlantiChem, but it will be similar to PacifiChem, and occur every five years. The first edition is scheduled for Cancun in January 2017 or 2018.

I saw several of our students and colleagues at the meeting - including Kingston, who had a cold and had lost his voice! (hope you are feeling better)

Maria will be attending the Fall ACS in Philadelphia to represent the local section, and is serving in the national ACS Project SEED committee.


Centennial Dinner: Thursday, Nov 10, 6-8 pm

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Centennial Dinner to celebrate centenial anniversary of Ames Local section

Details are to be determined, but please mark your calendar for now. Tentative plan includes to have an invited lecture and recognition ceremony of members with fifty and sixty years of services. These will take place in Hach Hall, the new chemistry building at Iowa State University, completed in 2010. This will be an excellent opportunity to have a social gathering between our members, which we have not had for a very long time. In addition to professional members, student members and retired members are all welcome. Please suggest us any idea regarding the program or speaker. Stay tuned! More information is coming early fall.


2013 Midwest Regional Meeting

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The 2013 Midwest Regional Meeting is in Springfiled, MO, on October 16-19.